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The King's School In Macclesfield

Schools across the UK are looking harder at solar, both to reduce energy costs, their carbon footprint and to deliver a learning opportunity for their students. King's in Macclesfield has started this journey with a £200,000 investment in solar PV covering 800 square metres of the roof of its Sports Centre, helping massively reduce the energy costs for the centre (with swimming pool, sports courts, dance studio and indoor cricket centre) which is not only used by the school but serves the community out of school hours. Positive early data during this first academic year shows the panels are likely to pay for themselves within four years.

Our carbon neutral journey with Auditel

Control Energy Costs are delighted to be partnering with Auditel to help them on the road to becoming Verified Carbon Neutral compliant with ISO14064.

Flexible contracts: Commodity cost reduction and streamlined invoicing

The spike in energy prices throughout 2022 has seen many businesses desperately seeking to reduce costs and manage their consumption more efficiently. The crisis has particularly affected energy intensive businesses and SMEs.

Packaging company benefits from flexible purchasing

This international packaging company is a leading manufacturer of innovative packaging solutions, is one of the firms benefitting from a flexible purchasing agreement arranged by Control Energy Costs.

Managing metering and data collection for Barber's Farmhouse

Barber’s Farmhouse has been a client of ours since 2011 and decided to work with us on a metering and data collection project. Control Energy Costs looks after practically everything utility related for Barber’s Farmhouse including energy and water procurement, new sites and infrastructure, metering and budget reporting.

NH Case

NH Case has been a Control Energy Costs client since 2001 – a relationship spanning 20 years and several different energy services.

Securing £180,000 water charges refunds

We find that water is often the forgotten utility, but it can be a significant expenditure in certain sectors, in particular hospitality and manufacturing.

Reducing both consumption and costs

Our clients come to us for great energy prices, contract and data management, to ensure correct invoicing and to monitor energy usage.

Supermarket group

This on-demand supermarket group was the first of its kind in the UK, with your order picked, packed and delivered within 15 minutes. Founded in 2020, the supermarket group has experienced rapid growth and taken on many new sites since then. They currently cover areas within London, Manchester, Bristol and Brighton.

Plastic containers manufacturer

We initially approached a large and well-respected plastic container manufacturer to provide them with a review of their energy contracts, as they felt they might not be getting the best prices and strategic advice from the incumbent energy broker.

Foray Motor Group

We have been working with Foray Motor Group, a Ford dealership and service business with 10 sites across the UK, for over ten years and we provide them a range of energy related services including:

Day Aggregates

The Day Aggregates Group pride themselves on being able to supply trade customers with all their aggregate needs in a sustainable manner. They handle over three million tonnes of construction material each year and provides services to the construction, demolition, and water treatment industries.