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Choosing the right energy broker

There are currently over 1,000 energy brokers operating in the UK, but choosing the right one to partner with your business takes careful consideration.

'We invest in people' silver accreditation

We are thrilled to have been awarded the Investors in People ‘We invest in people’ silver accreditation.

Boost for UK green industries with £960 million government investment

In a landmark move to fortify energy security and propel the United Kingdom into a renewable future, the Government unveiled a comprehensive £960 million investment in green industries in November 2023. This is welcomed news, as in August 2023 the UK’s climate targets were threatened by the National Grid’s lack of capacity, causing £200 billion worth of projects to be stuck on hold as they waited to connect to the UK’s electricity system. The new initiative accelerates grid connections and aims to significantly increase capacity, making the UK a global leader in renewable energy.

Flexible energy contracts: four questions to ask

In the dynamic landscape of energy management, employing an internal resource to manage your flexible energy contract can be a significant risk. Control Energy Cost’s flexible purchasing option means you always have an eye on the market. In addition, Control Energy Costs bring together businesses that are not able to participate in the wholesale market individually. This adaptable service means you have access to a market that was once reserved only for the largest organisations. To safeguard your interests and ensure a seamless experience, it's crucial to pose four key questions to the people managing your flexible energy contracts:

The future of hydrogen cars: navigating the road ahead

The automotive industry is at the forefront of a major transformation, with a focus on developing sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional fossil fuels. One of the contenders in this race is hydrogen, a clean and abundant energy source. However, the path to mainstream adoption of hydrogen-powered cars is not without its challenges.

Meet Nick Heng, our Head of Flexible Procurement and Risk

We are delighted to introduce our new Head of Flexible Procurement and Risk, Nick Heng. With two decades of energy procurement expertise, commodity risk management and project management behind him, Nick has a strong track record and brings a depth of knowledge to head up our core offering of flexible procurement.

The impact of the Israel-Hamas conflict on energy prices

The attack of Hamas on Israel has caused oil prices to spike, due to concerns that the conflict could disrupt Middle East oil production.

A day in the life: Mike Stafford

We spend a day with our Flexible Procurement and Risk Manager, Mike Stafford. Mike has over a decade of experience in consultancy and a wealth of knowledge on flexible energy procurement - one of our key offerings that enables businesses to mitigate market volatility.