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Managing metering and data collection for Barber's Farmhouse

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Barber’s Farmhouse has been a client of ours since 2011 and decided to work with us on a metering and data collection project. Control Energy Costs looks after practically everything utility related for Barber’s Farmhouse including energy and water procurement, new sites and infrastructure, metering and budget reporting.

Ongoing management of metering & data Collection for Barber’s Farmhouse

Our ongoing working relationship with Barber’s means that we project manage any metering and/or data issues that arise, working to ensure that supplier charges are always based on accurate data. We provide them with detailed consumption reports and access to visibility of their data via our client portal. From here exception reporting is set up which allows us to pick up on anomalies as soon as possible, identifying areas of wasted energy to make savings and be sure they are doing their bit for energy efficiency and the environment.

Feedback from Barber's Farmhouse and various clients over the years tells us that trying to resolve a metering and data issues via an energy supplier can be very time consuming. We take that headache and deal with it directly. 

Whilst the initial project was aimed at Barbers larger Half Hourly electricity portfolio, we are now working with them to install automatic meter readers (AMRs) across their smaller non-half hourly metered electricity, gas and water supplies, with this date also being visualised within our client portal.