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Our values

Ownership. Partnership. Agility.

Our goal: to be the most reputable energy procurement and management company in the UK

We are called Control Energy Costs for a reason - we are committed to helping you make the right energy decisions for your business. Here’s what we do to achieve this:

  • All the facts, presented in full with nothing hidden. We give you open, transparent and unbiased information
  • Solutions where you use only the energy you need, minimise waste, and help preserve our planet’s precious natural resources. We work hard to provide clarity and simplicity to understand the often complex and noisy energy market
  • The best solutions for your current and future energy needs. We believe in nurturing long-term relationships to give expert support
  • Expert guidance in constantly changing markets. Our teams are experts in their fields, and we innovate and embrace technology to enhance our ability to find you the best option possible, backed up by up-to-date data and management information
  • Outstanding service. We are proactive and delivery-obsessed and our team members, all UK-based, work hard to ensure we get things right first time

With an eye to the future we are constantly developing our services to ensure we deliver the best deal and service to you, our client.

What's right for you

Finding the right business energy contract, at the right price, can be a minefield.

At Control Energy Costs, we help you compare the different options, so you can choose the best fit for your business. Transparency is a fundamental part of the way we work - we are open about every aspect of what we do for you, including what and how we are paid.

Our focus is on building long-term relationships founded on trust and mutual confidence, keeping promises, taking ownership of problems and giving good advice and long-term energy cost management solutions.

With an eye always on the future, we are progressive in developing new services and helping your business prepare for changes to technology and legislation, especially during uncertainty.

We never forget our ultimate purpose – providing outstanding service and negotiating the best deals for you, our client.