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Utilities connections and siteworks

Efficient utility connections management

We specialise in managing business utility connections for industrial, commercial, and SME clients across all sectors. Our services encompass end-to-end project management, including power, gas, water, and telecoms connections.

We also handle disconnections, supply removals, BNO Networks, CT meter installations, Smart Metering, and site works.


From the moment you gain access to your site, we can ascertain the existing services within that site. We will document the services both above and below ground, we will confirm the status of all services and establish the nearest point of infrastructure. Acquiring utilities can be a costly exercise, but Control Energy Costs can strip your site back to the ground, remove the redundant services and provide you with a blank canvas to start from.

Existing and new services – where required – can be evaluated to give you options to meet your site’s future utility requirements and specifications. All siteworks requirements are catered for by our specialist project team. We manage the connections to power, gas, water and telecoms across all industry sectors.

Cost savings and expertise

From project design to installation and maintenance, we offer customisable services. Our goal is to identify potential delays and cost-saving opportunities. With our extensive industry knowledge, we streamline the communication process with utility providers, saving you time, money, and frustration.

Seamless premises transition

For those moving in or out of premises, we provide fully managed services, whether it’s a Change of Tenancy (COT) or Change of Occupancy (COO). We aim to expedite the process efficiently.

If you require meter upgrades or new services, we recommend assessing your needs early to avoid delays.

When moving out, we need specific details, including date, meter readings, new occupants, and lease or TR1 transfer documents.

When moving in, we require date, lease or TR1 documents, meter photographs, readings, current utility providers, previous occupants’details, and site address and postcode.

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