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Why choose us?

There are many reasons for choosing to work with Control Energy Costs.

Here are the top five:

1. Helping you make informed decisions

We’ll negotiate the best possible deal for you, taking into consideration variables such as your consumption and demand profile, together with any specific business requirements you might have and legislation you might need to comply with.

Our aim is to ensure you are aware of all options and that you’re empowered to make informed decisions based on impartial and honest advice.

2. Full transparency

We’ll work with you to compare proposals from different providers on a like-for-like basis, making sure there aren’t any hidden charges or terms which could be to your disadvantage.

We will make sure you know exactly how your bill is broken down, and how much of what you are paying is for the services we provide.

3. Flexible procurement to navigate uncertain times

With volatile energy markets and a great deal of uncertainty, we can help you with flexible energy procurement, so that you can take advantage as soon as energy prices start to level out and come down. Our team will manage all this on your behalf using our expertise and skills in energy procurement.

4. Commitment to renewables

As the business community focuses more on green energy and net zero, we can support your ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) strategy with genuine renewable contracts and support for achieving net zero.

We are also on our own journey to net zero, so have first-hand knowledge and a deep commitment to green.

5. Management information at your fingertips

CECIL is our client portal that provides comprehensive management information on your energy usage, all in one place. You can check invoices, individual meters, set things up so that unusual usage patterns are drawn to your attention and proactively work to reduce consumption.

... and relax

To sum it up, we never forget our ultimate purpose – providing outstanding service and negotiating the best deals for you, our client.

Our arrangement with Control Energy Costs ensures we are always able to buy energy in a way that makes commercial sense. Their team is always on hand to answer questions, and deal with any utility related issue that crops up.

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We take pride in what we do, every day.