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Forensic Cost Recovery

Don't pay for something you haven't used

In-depth utility spend analysis

Using our bespoke software, our FCR specialists will carry out an in-depth analysis of your spend going back up to six years to identify any billing errors for electricity, gas and water.

  • If you are owed a refund, we will negotiate with the suppliers to arrange that and get it backdated
  • We will correct any wrong information to help prevent it happening again and, where we are working with you on an ongoing basis, we will continue to monitor your bills
  • You will be assigned a dedicated and experienced market analyst and client manager
  • You can access all your information and progress reports via our client portal CECIL

We will continue working on your account until all refunds/and or credits are successfully received.

You shouldn’t pay for something you haven’t used. If you do get charged incorrectly for electricity, gas or water, Control Energy Costs can get that money back.

Working with all energy and water suppliers

Control Energy Costs has been working with all energy and water suppliers since 1981 and our reputation and relationships help us achieve exceptionally high success rates for identifying errors and returning money quickly and efficiently to our clients.

We will continue working on your account until all refunds/and or credits are successfully received. Everything will be fully documented in your final report.

Only pay us when we find refunds

We only get paid when we find refunds due. It's that simple.

We also offer all our clients complete access to our client portal CECIL, which brings together all your invoices, meter readings, usage patterns, carbon and consumption. This allows you to monitor and reduce usage, as well as identify any anomolies as quickly as possible.

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