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Invoice Resolution

Offering full oversight

Our invoice resolution service provides a cost-effective option for businesses that want re-assurance all charges are correct, accurate and valid.

Recover monies for you

With our bespoke systems, we collate all consumption data, match it against your invoices and supply contracts using data from multiple sources, including network operators, suppliers and metering agents. Our expert resolution team will work with key contacts in the supplier network to correct any issues and recover monies on your behalf.

Protection from invalid charges

All of this provides you with peace of mind and assurance you are protected from inaccurate and potentially invalid charges. Research and analysis group Gartner have said processing a single invoice in the U.K. averages between £4 and £25 and can be as high as £50. They further stated that without automation tools, processing an invoice could be 20 times higher!

Key benefits

  • Our invoice resolution team has the expertise to reduce your internal admin workload. They know where to go to get a problem solved
  • Complete peace of mind when it comes to the business of invoice processing. You get invoice validation reports at a frequency to suit your business
  • Cost avoidance: invoice resolution can save you money!
“With the assistance of Control Energy Costs’ knowledge of the market we have been able to secure very competitive rates for each of our metering points. Through invoice validation provided by CEC and their knowledge in resolving complex queries, it frees up our time to concentrate on our core business. We have also achieved significant savings in non-contract energy costs through the ongoing tariff analysis provided. We are very pleased with the results and trust their advice and guidance, we would have no hesitation in recommending CEC.”

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