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Metering and data collection

What is a Meter Operator and Data Collector, and do I have to appoint one?

It is a mandatory requirement for Half-Hourly metered electricity supplies to have agents appointed as a Meter Operator (MOP) and Data Collector (DC). A MOP supplies, installs and maintains the physical meter and communication link, whereas the DC’s role is to collect and distribute consumption data to your supplier. MOP and DC services can be provided by either the same or different parties.

Does my electricity supplier just appoint agents on my behalf?

If you haven’t signed an agreement directly appointing your own MOP and DC, generally speaking yes. Depending on supplier, they will apply a default charge for these services which can work out very expensive. In the absence of a direct agreement, MOP and DC charges are either shown as a separate line on your electricity supply invoice, or it will be built into the monthly standing charge.

Do I have to allow my supplier to do this on my behalf?

The simple answer is no. Our recommendation would always be to enter into a direct agreement with one of our trusted metering partners and appoint your own MOP and DC, rather than allowing your supplier to do so on your behalf. Depending on supplier, default charges for suppliers to appoint agents on your behalf can be very punitive.

What if I already have a MOP and DC agreement?

We can establish any existing contractual commitments and make the appropriate recommendation. If you already have a MOP or DC contract and pay an annual charge directly to the appointed agents, depending on the provider, you are likely be paying in the order of £300 to £500/annum for MOP services and £150 to £300/annum for DC services.

Why sign a MOP and DC agreement via Control Energy Costs?

If you don’t know how much you are currently paying for MOP and DC services or have a direct agreement that you signed some time ago, chances are that you are paying more than you should be and there will be a financial benefit.

With the roll out of initiatives to tackle climate change, monitoring energy usage is becoming increasingly important and is the key to identifying and reducing energy waste. Another significant advantage of selecting your own agents is that you, and Control Energy Costs as your consultant, will gain access to Day+1 data from your meter.

Using this data, we are able to provide you with detailed consumption reports and access to visibility of your data via our online portal. From here you can set up exception reporting which will allow you to pick up on anomalies as soon as possible, identifying areas of wasted energy to make savings and be sure you are doing your bit for energy efficiency and the environment

We would also project manage any metering and/or data issues that arise, working to ensure that supplier charges are always based on accurate data. Feedback from our clients over the years tells us that trying to resolve a metering and data issues through an energy supplier can be very time consuming.

How can Control Energy Costs help?

Our client management team will review existing MOP and DC arrangements as part of a working arrangement with all our clients, and if there is an opportunity to secure a reduction in costs or gain more value from metering data, we will let you know. We will also review MOP and DC arrangements at the point of every supply contract renewal.

To summarise the key benefits:

  • A financial saving
  • Visibility of data via our portal to drive energy efficiency and reduce waste
  • Accurate supplier invoices
  • Regular consumption reporting
  • Assurance you are paying competitive MOP and DC charges
  • A review of MOP and DC charges at every supply contract renewal
  • Metering and data collection issues managed on your behalf
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