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CT chambers and CT metering

CT (current transformer) metering is suitable for premises with higher energy supply and is required for anticipated loads greater than 100Amp/70kVA, where the supply requires a CT chamber, cut-out and wiring to the CT metering point.

Only a proportion of the power will pass through the CT chamber, meaning that power is not lost.

We will advise you on whether you need CT metering. If you do, we provide tailored design and project support and deliver guaranteed industry-compliant CT solutions, from start to successful installation.

In addition to supply and installation, we will also maintain the CT equipment for you.

All of our installations, unlike some other providers, CEC units are issued with fully certified, UK Manufactured CTs (Current Transformers) – metering class 0.5, complete wiring loom & test fuses. All of these are fully installed within the Chamber housing prior to dispatch, ensuring straightforward installation with the unit being 100% meter-ready.

All our units - including CTs - are further tested in-house & issued with supporting installer certs in line with ‘Elexon CoP 4 / P283’ instructions. Certified to be installed within both DNO & BNO environments. and all equipment is provided and installed to MOCOPA standards, therefore giving you complete peace of mind.

Who might need CT metering?

CT metering is required by any premises with high anticipated loads – those with an Agreed Supply Capacity of 70kVA or more. We work UK-wide with many commercial landlords, pension funds, retail and restaurant groups, developers and property managers to deliver their projects, ensuring timely delivery of their utility requirements, within budget.

BNO requirements

Under BNO (building network operator) standards, BNOs of multi-occupied buildings are responsible for the CT equipment, i.e. the CT chamber, cabinet and internal wiring.

We give expert, independent advice on who is responsible for which part of the CT installation, to selecting the right CT chamber specification for your particular project.

Find out more about Control Energy Costs’ BNO expertise.