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Maximum Import Capacity Reviews

Maximum Import Capacity (MIC) - otherwise known as authorised supply capacity (ASC) - is an underlying agreement which sets out the maximum kVA demand level anticipated for an electricity metering point. This level is agreed between customer and the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and is formalised in a connection agreement signed by both parties.

In effect, a connection agreement is an undertaking by your local DNO to provide you with an agreed capacity and you are free to pull demands of anything up to that level without penalty. They make a charge for this and your chosen supplier collects this revenue on their behalf. Typically, this will appear as a separate line on your energy supply invoice.

For example, if a supply point has an MIC of 500 kVA, you will see a line within your monthly supply invoice along the lines of:

Maximum Import Capacity 500 kVA x £1.30/kVA/month = £650.00

In this example, MIC charges would amount to £7,800 /annum

Why Review?

For many clients, we find that they are unaware a connection agreement exists and as such haven’t reviewed their capacity requirements for some time, if ever.

Having MIC set at the wrong level – either too high or too low – can have big financial consequences which often go unchecked. It can also result in a nasty surprise if a supplier invoices incorrectly and makes a retrospective adjustment.

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How can Control Energy Costs Help?

Our CEC Solutions team review MIC levels as part of the working arrangement with all our clients, and if the advice is to make a change, we will let you know. We will also provide you with a clear and transparent fee to undertake any work.

If you are not a client and would like us to review capacity and provide a report for your supply or estate, please get in touch. We would be delighted to help.