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Landlord billing solutions

Manually collecting and inputting meter readings to generate tenant bills is a laborious and time-consuming task. This often results in infrequent meter readings and accumulating tenant debts. Our solution simplifies this process by automating meter data collection and integration into the billing system, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for every billing cycle.

Our system comprises sub-meter points linked to an incoming supply point, each assignable to specific tenants. You can configure individual billing tariffs and start dates for each meter point. When it’s time to bill a tenant, simply initiate a billing run in the system. The generated bills can be printed, emailed, or integrated into your existing billing system.

Our system offers flexibility to:

  • Set custom rates for each tenant
  • Choose billing frequencies
  • Seamlessly transition from one tenant to another and bill to the exact handover date
  • Generate reports by building or tenant and monitor usage
  • Adjust re-sale charges in response to incoming price changes

Comprehensive meter readings and tenant usage history are securely stored in your database, enabling the reconciliation of incoming meter data with network consumption to track system losses.

Billing solutions

We offer flexible billing solutions for landlords and third parties, with the option to manage monthly site billing in-house or opt for our Control Energy Costs landlord billing solutions tailored to your specific project needs.

Option 1: Billing data provision

  • We provide landlord/third-party monthly data only – no billing solutions

Option 2: Billing data plus email billing

  • We provide landlord/third-party monthly data and monthly tenant billing - PDF/email billing format

Option 3: Billing data plus paper billing

  • We provide landlord/third-party monthly data and monthly tenant billing - paper/postal billing format