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Sub metering

What is sub metering?

Sub metering is the installation of advanced meters within a single building or site where a deeper understanding of energy usage is required beyond consumption information from the main (fiscal) meter.

With energy efficiency becoming an ever more important business issue, sub metering will help identify where energy is being wasted, create energy saving policies and target a goal of net-zero. It will also give you enhanced information to comply with legislation where you have energy efficiency targets to meet.

Gain knowledge into various areas of energy consumption across your estate, such as:

  • Individual machinery and appliances to optimize efficiency
  • Accurate energy usage of tenants to re-charge costs
  • Separate areas within a single building or across a site

A good sub metering solution has the potential to save you time and money, and ultimately improve the efficiency of your business.

Why use sub metering?

Sub metering allows you to identify, allocate and understand energy consumption within a property, which can help reduce overall energy consumption and costs.

The benefits of sub metering include:

  • Accurate data and reports suitable for meeting legislation standards
  • The ability to analyse the effectiveness of energy saving strategies
  • Monitor and optimize plant and process performance
  • Assign costs through to tenants for property management
  • Easy access to more refined and accurate data on overall usage

Cost centre and tenant recharge

Sub metering allows you to understand energy consumption for each of your tenants over any given period of time and where required, re-charge them accurately for their share of overall costs.

Using our client portal CECIL, all sub metering consumption data can be visualised, tracked and monitored in exactly the same way as data from the main (fiscal) meter at a site. We can also provide you with a fast and accurate tenant re-billing service.

You can access reports, view and download consumption data at every level right from a helicopter view of the entire site down to a single tenant meter. Individual tenants can also be given access to view their own data

If you would like help with a sub metering project or simply want to talk through the benefits, our solutions team would be delighted to help.

Fact sheet

Sub metering fact sheet

Find out more about sub metering in this fact sheet.