Dynamic Energy Procurement. Flexible or fixed we have it all

Having been active in the procurement field for many years, we place importance and value on not just understanding market fundamentals but also an emphasis on understanding complex contract structure.

Flexible energy purchasing

Our flexible purchasing option means you can choose to take advantage of market fluctuations in wholesale pricing. With our service, you can have access to a market once reserved only for the largest organisations removing the elitist element. The unique appeal of Control Energy Costs DEP approach is its “flexibility and adaptability”.

How flexible energy procurement can help in times of high energy prices

In the current times of high energy prices, our flexible energy purchasing approach may be the most cost-effective should you find your fixed energy contract renewal proposal significantly higher than previously.

Our purchasing team will liaise with you to gain a thorough understanding of your desired strategy, budget, value at risk and future objectives. Our consultation process helps us determine not just what your business needs now but what it may need in the future across both fixed and flexible purchasing options. Control Energy Costs will only tender for contract structures that best fit your requirements.

Fixed price purchasing

For organisations that focus on knowing what they will be paying in advance, our fixed price purchasing options will provide the security of known costs for an agreed period. Fixed price contracts are well served by our procurement team, focussing on suppliers that provide a fully transparent product, combined with secure billing processes that ensure you can get on with what you do best … running your business.

Securing best prices

Whichever route you choose, our dedicated market analysts will work on your behalf to secure the best prices. As a business, Control Energy Costs took the decision several years ago to dispel the “smoke and mirrors” approach to energy pricing, preferring instead to provide transparent costing. We will assess supplier suitability and work to provide accurate and precise invoicing at the point of delivery.