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We have been working with Foray Motor Group, a Ford dealership and service business with 10 sites across the UK, for over ten years and we provide them a range of energy related services including:

Energy procurement, Invoice validation, Metering, Legislation and compliance support for ESOS

One of the projects we recently undertook was an evaluation of their half hourly metering and data collection costs. We looked at these on an individual site level and compiled a report.

Mandatory half hourly data collection

It is mandatory for businesses with a half-hourly electricity supply to have a meter data collection agent. This is a third-party supplier who is responsible for collecting consumption data and feeding this information back to the energy provider.

Some energy providers will charge additionally for this on a monthly basis and we noticed quickly that this was the case for three out of ten of their sites.

Every business energy customer has the option to select an independent supplier for this half-hourly consumption data collection and this is often more cost effective than allowing the energy supplier to select a supplier and add this cost onto your invoice.

A more cost-effective solution

We have an ongoing relationship with IMServ who offer half-hourly data collection and requested a quote to cover the half-hourly data collection for Foray Motor Group to cover the three sites that they were paying an additional charge for via their energy supplier.

When the quote came in it offered Foray Motor Group an annual saving of £1,454 which represented a 60% reduction against what they had previously been paying.

We have been working with the team at Control Energy Costs for a significant period of time and we wouldn’t go anywhere else for energy advice. The team are trustworthy and professional and quick to respond to our queries. In the current climate we need to be making sure we do as much as we can to reduce ongoing costs and they have succeeded in doing this.

Group Financial Controller, Foray Motor Group