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Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS)

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The UK energy sector is undergoing a transformative shift with the introduction of the Market-wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS) programme. This initiative is designed to support the country's transition to Net Zero over the next two years, ahead of the industry deadline of December 2026. It will foster significant changes in how electricity is generated, consumed, and managed.

The benefits of MHHS

MHHS aims to bring together the energy industry to facilitate the following key advancements:

Accurate energy data

By collecting and utilising more precise data on energy usage, MHHS ensures that both suppliers and consumers have a clear understanding of consumption patterns. This accuracy is crucial for effective energy management and cost savings.

Smarter energy systems

The programme promotes the development of a more flexible and intelligent energy grid. This will allow for better integration of renewable energy sources and enhance the overall efficiency and reliability of the energy supply.

Innovative products and services

MHHS encourages the introduction of new tools and services that empower clients to make informed decisions about their energy use. This includes advanced metering solutions and energy management systems that provide real-time insights.

Modernised supplier interactions

By updating the way energy suppliers interact with the market and each other, MHHS aims to streamline processes and improve the overall functionality of the energy sector.

What MHHS means for Control Energy Costs’ clients

For clients, the impact of MHHS will vary based on their existing services and energy portfolios. Those who already utilise Automated Meter Reading (AMR), Smart, or Half-Hourly meters may not need to make any changes to their equipment. However, the benefits of MHHS will still be realised through enhanced data accuracy and new service offerings.

Control Energy Costs is committed to ensuring clients are well-informed throughout the MHHS implementation. A dedicated team will manage the rollout in stages, ensuring all changes are communicated clearly and effectively. Clients will receive regular updates on how specific adjustments will affect their energy management.

Enhanced data management with CECIL

Control Energy Costs utilises its client portal, CECIL, to provide seamless data integration and greater visibility of energy consumption. Unlike many smaller brokers, Control Energy Costs offers half-hourly (rather than monthly) data insights. Akin to detailed bank statements, this enables clients to monitor and manage their energy usage effectively.

By supporting half-hourly settlements, Control Energy Costs helps clients identify and reduce energy wastage, a critical step towards achieving net-zero goals. This transparency and control over energy data are vital for businesses aiming to optimise their energy strategies and reduce their carbon footprint.

The MHHS programme represents a significant leap forward for the UK's energy industry. Through enhanced data accuracy, smarter energy systems, and modernised interactions, MHHS is set to benefit consumers and suppliers alike. With Control Energy Costs leading the way in client support and data management, businesses can navigate this transition smoothly and capitalise on the opportunities it presents for a sustainable future.

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