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Choosing the right energy broker

There are currently over 1,000 energy brokers operating in the UK, but choosing the right one to partner with your business takes careful consideration.

Businesses often underestimate broker fees, with 37% thinking the service is free. Others fall into the trap of paying for the same service twice, once in the form of a fixed fee and a second time in the form of a commission. Transparency is essential, and brokers unwilling to disclose fees should be approached cautiously. Factors influencing the fee should include the level of service, team expertise, provided services, and reporting and analytics.

Mitigating the risk of working with a less reputable broker involves checking Companies House, conducting credit checks, avoiding agreements over the phone, reviewing client feedback on sites like Trustpilot and assessing the broker's online presence.

As an experienced energy broker, operating since 1981, Control Energy Costs offers six core services along with CECIL, our client portal, empowering businesses to access energy data, reduce wastage, cut costs and achieve Net Zero goals:

  • Carbon solutions
  • Energy procurement (flexible and fixed)
  • Utilities connections and siteworks
  • CEC solutions
  • Forensic cost recovery
  • Invoice resolution

Providing holistic energy management, we work with the most reputable and long-standing electricity, gas and fully renewable energy suppliers in the UK.

We employ qualified risk managers to enhance your confidence in the management of your flexible energy contracts. We proactively manage your risk and ensure a more secure and optimised energy strategy for your business.

Nick Heng, Head of Flexible Procurement and Risk

In 2016, Nick founded a consultancy to provide businesses with expertise in energy and utilities procurement. His most recent role as a Global Procurement Manager at Johnson Matthey saw him as a key driver of sustainability, delivering in excess of £3m PPV savings in one year. His credibility in procurement is undeniable and he’s a critical point of contact for clients looking to manage their risk and drive their sustainability initiatives.

Mike Stafford, Flexible Procurement and Risk Manager

Mike has over a decade of experience in consultancy and flexible energy procurement, combined with experience working for meter operators, independent suppliers and Wales & West Utilities. He plays a crucial role in helping clients understand the most complicated of beasts – the global energy markets. Mike works closely with each client to understand their unique commercial imperatives and attitude to risk.

Nigel Addison-Evans, Client Relationship Manager

Nigel is a key point of contact for our memberships and strengthens the value we can offer. Nigel has over 18 years of experience in the energy sector. He comes from a supplier and consultancy background, helping both private and public sector clients to manage their energy. Nigel is passionate about helping clients reduce their carbon footprint, providing support and guidance on carbon reduction strategies, compliance, renewables, fixed and flexible procurement for power, gas and water, as well as billing queries, siteworks and metering.

John Loizou, Client Relationship Manager

John has worked in sales for 20 years with multinational organisations. His approach to account management is putting the customer first and maintaining long-term relationships. His greatest satisfaction is showing how he can add value to any sector he manages. Energy and water are the number one factors for any organisation to operate, and his job is to ensure the customer gets the right package by putting measures in place to eliminate unnecessary energy usage and costs.

At Control Energy Costs, we ensure transparent comparisons of proposals, guarding against hidden charges and providing a breakdown of your bill. Whereas other consultants hide it, we are completely transparent about what our commission is.

“For any energy-related query, I will always get in touch with Control Energy Costs. We have worked with them now for over 26 years and we trust them to be honest and transparent, and so when I received this call it was no different, I knew they would know exactly what to do.”

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For more information on choosing the right energy broker for your business, read our e-book or contact our Client Relationship Managers:

Nigel Addison-Evans at 07500 027480 or nigel.addison-evans@cec.uk.com

John Loizou at 07425 102 023 or john.loizou@cec.uk.com