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Day Aggregates

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The Day Aggregates Group pride themselves on being able to supply trade customers with all their aggregate needs in a sustainable manner. They handle over three million tonnes of construction material each year and provides services to the construction, demolition, and water treatment industries.

We have been working with Day Aggregates since 1994, so they are a longstanding client of ours who trust us implicitly.

The facilities manager at Day Aggregates was recently approached by telephone about a gas supply for a new site. The person on the phone said they were calling from Eon and said that they needed to look at setting up a contract for the supply in question.

The call was followed by an email which turned out not to be from Eon but from an energy broker.

The prices offered by the cold call energy broker were presented as the best available and had been positioned carefully to encourage them to accept a longer contract term of 3 years.

The contract prices presented were:

2 Years Gas Fixed Renewal Prices

  • Standing Charge: - 69.00 p/day
  • Unit Rate: - 6.120 p/kwh

3 Years Gas Fixed Renewal Prices

  • Standing Charge: - 54.20 p/day
  • Unit Rate: - 5.400 p/kwh

These prices did not reflect a good market rate and likely had steep commissions hidden within the offering.

Fortunately, our client picked up the phone to us and explained what had happened. We set about obtaining alternative offers, ultimately recommending an offer that was under 2.0 p/kwh. This proposal was accepted and represents a saving of approximately £4,200/annum compared to offer presented by the other broker.

Our client was relieved that she had not been taken in by the cold call and subsequent email from the broker claiming to be an energy supplier.

"For any energy related query, I will always get in touch with Control Energy Costs. We have worked with them now for over 26 years and we trust them to be honest, transparent, and so when I received this call it was no different, I knew they would know exactly what to do."