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Green Gas, it’s time to switch…

As the UK works towards a greener economy, we take a look into Green Gas and how it is beneficial for both the environment and your business. We will also highlight how to move to renewable energy and reduce your businesses carbon emissions.

Why you should use Green Gas?

You can make it an imperative for your business to use low carbon ‘green’ gases such as biomethane that can replace harmful fossil fuels, reducing your carbon emissions in the heat, power, and transport sectors. The government have put pledges in place to phase out fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas, and instead move to renewable energy, such as solar and wind power which is more efficient for your business.

Solar energy is great and one of the most popular forms of renewable energy generation. Wind generation is also a fantastic domain for your energy as it releases less Co2 into the atmosphere. A win for all!

What is Green Gas?

Green Gas is made from biodegradable materials such as human waste, manure and paper and food waste. It can be used in the same way as natural gas but is produced from renewable sources only, making it better for the environment and puts your business on the path to Net Zero.

Green Gas is made at an anaerobic digestion plant where bacteria is used to break down organic matter such as food and farm waste, in order to release biogas. Once the biogas is purified and turned into biomethane, it is injected into the gas grid and piped to businesses and homes across the UK. Using everything from agricultural waste to grass has the ability to produce a low carbon gas source for generations to come.

What are the benefits of Green Gas?

Using Green Gas is a step in the right direction as it is carbon neutral and creates a huge change in the emissions your business releases. Doing something positive for the environment is always worth it and Green Gas puts you on path to a more sustainable future and inspires others to do the same. It will be worth looking into Green Gas options for your business.

Now more than ever, companies are trying to find ways to create eco-friendly work spaces, knowing that it can cut your costs, improve efficiency and create a healthier workspace in your business. With that being said, going ‘green’ won’t just make your employees happy. It is becoming a must-have for consumers. Considering the fight for climate change is a global movement, customers everywhere are demanding that businesses take the lead in the making of a better world.

Play your part

We can all play a part in protecting our planet and altering the source of our energy, from simple daily changes, like recycling, to bigger decisions like switching to electric vehicles. The important takeaway is that by making these changes, you’ll not only be making the environment better, you’ll be changing the quality of life in your own backyard.

Generation from renewable energy sources has been increasing as the years go by and is the best way to reach the 2050 Net Zero target. In 2020, we decided that as a business, we were going to begin out Net Zero journey, and we have not looked back since.