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Invoice resolution, how does it work?

Invoice resolution is a service that provides a cost-effective option for businesses that want to be sure their energy and water charges are correct, accurate and valid.

Using our bespoke software CECIL, we collate data directly from suppliers, network operators and metering agents to calculate what charges should be for a given supply period. We then match this with supplier invoices to confirm that charges are in order.

Where there is a problem, we work with the supplier network to get it resolved, making sure all invoices you process for payment are accurate.

So how does it work?

Once a supplier invoice has been produced, CECIL checks that the accuracy is within an agreed tolerance. If the invoice passes this initial check, CECIL will confirm it as okay to pay. However, if the invoice fails the accuracy check, a dispute card is raised and automatically assigned to a client manager to investigate.

Some of the many reasons why an invoice can fail validation are:

  • Incorrect or mid-term changes to contract prices
  • Taxes or levies applied incorrectly
  • Incorrect meter configurations
  • Out of sequence meter readings
  • Incorrect consumption data
  • Anomalies with supplier network charges
  • You no longer occupy the site (yes, this does happen!)

Having been assigned a dispute card (effectively an electronic task card), the client manager will identify the problem and, as appropriate, contact the client to discuss the issue found. They will then decide whether further action is required. For example, we frequently highlight undercharges and a clients’ decision may be to just ignore it.

If no further action is required, records in CECIL are updated and the supplier invoice is either revalidated or marked as ‘approved fail’, noting the reasons for future reference.

If further action is required, the client manager will liaise with the supplier and/or metering agents to resolve the billing issue. Once an amended invoice has been produced, it is re-validated via the same process and the client is notified that the issue has been resolved. The progress of resolving an issue with a supplier invoice is visible to all users at any stage via our client portal.

Finally, the dispute card is closed and the whole process is now complete.

Three key benefits of Invoice resolution

  • Our invoice resolution team has the expertise to reduce your internal admin workload. They know where to go to get a problem solved
  • Complete peace of mind when it comes to the business of invoice processing. You get invoice validation reports at a frequency to suit your business
  • Cost avoidance: invoice resolution can save you money!

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