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COVID-19 and your business utilities

For any business that has closed their doors to the public, such as restaurants, gyms, leisure centres, pubs, bars, many other public spaces and entertainment venues, there will be several logistical and operational considerations in terms of energy use and the cost of energy in these difficult times when you are unable to open.

These considerations will ensure that your energy usage in these challenging times is reduced and the impact on the environment is also limited.

We’ve compiled these actions for you into a handy PDF checklist that you can share with stakeholders and colleagues here.

Keeping up with your payments

If your business is experiencing temporary financial problems and you are concerned about meeting the cost of your utility bills, you should contact your supplier and explain your situation.

They might be able to offer deferred or reduced payment terms to give you time to get over this difficult period. There is no guarantee of this, but it is important you enter into dialogue with them rather than simply stop paying.

A failure to pay without warning could lead to issues in obtaining the lowest price in the future because your credit rating could be adversely affected.

Take or pay contracts

If you have a take or pay contract clause for energy, and you can’t use the energy you have an agreement in place to use, then please do make contact with us here at Control Energy Costs so we may determine if there is likely to be a breach or what flexibility can be given in these difficult times.

Your energy supplier won’t automatically make changes, so we urge that you communicate with us as soon as possible.

Unscrupulous brokers

As in any time of crisis, there are always those who are keen to exploit the situation. Several clients have been approached by brokers offering rock bottom prices and stressing they must sign immediately.

These deals are rarely what they seem. Although energy prices are low, the commodity element only accounts for 40% or so of your total bill value. The cost of delivering electricity or gas and the environmental taxes associated with them haven’t dropped.

We are constantly reviewing the market and its trends, so if we believe you need to take action we will be in touch.

If you do receive an unsolicited approach, please do not hesitate to contact us and we shall advise you accordingly.

Getting in touch with the team at Control Energy Costs

The Control Energy Costs team is fully operational from home, so do get in touch if you have any questions, comments or need advice or guidance for any energy related matter in these unprecedented circumstances we are all facing. Please use the normal contact numbers and email addresses.