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Control Energy Costs wholesale market access

We will provide a summary of the key benefits of having an Electricity or Gas contract managed by the Control Energy Costs Direct Wholesale Market Access Team.

Key benefits

  1. Opportunity to reduce costs against current market conditions removing the need to fix prices now.
  2. Access to the wholesale market usually reserved for the largest users of energy.
  3. A dedicated market team working on your behalf.
  4. Regular market information.
  5. The ability to purchase energy up to 5 years in advance.
  6. The ability to make multiple purchases per month to take advantage of market conditions.
  7. A product tailored to your needs.
  8. Ability to fix non-commodity costs.
  9. Invoice Validation.
  10. Ability to reforecast consumption to avoid take or pay.
  11. Consumption data readily available through portals.