Partnerships and Patronage. And collaborate

Forging strong relationships with our patrons and partners

We work to cultivate relationships with all suppliers so that our Control Energy Solutions team can provide help and support with any energy or water related project. Suppliers are routinely assessed to see which is the most competitive and or capable for your specific requirements, so you are always ahead of the game.

Black Country Chamber of Commerce. Understanding regional needs

Control Energy Costs has an exclusive arrangement with the Black Country Chamber of Commerce, an area our organisation is strongly embedded. The Chambers members benefit from our commitment, our core and supplementary service and consultative advice.

“Whilst our members have previously had access to national providers via the British Chambers of Commerce, we felt it was the right time to appoint an organisation that understood the local fabric of the area. The region has a higher than average concentration of industrial businesses and these companies use a lot of energy, many not fully understanding how the system works and how you can save money by managing it more effectively. Control Energy Costs was the ideal choice as they already work heavily in the Black Country and have presence here. Feedback has been fantastic in terms of the service and results they’ve already delivered.”

David HadleyDirector of Commercial Development , Black Country Chamber of Commerce

Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire. The power of collective association

Another significant association was to become patron of the Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire groups. Control Energy Costs has worked with these groups to develop collectives that give local businesses the opportunity to join forces and benefit from our service range on a more competitive scale.

During an interview on Made in the Midlands TV, Liam Conway of Control Energy Costs, said: “We are now working with 76 members of the Made in the Midlands Group and I am pleased to announce our organisation has saved the Made In Group’s members in excess of half a million pounds now. This has been achieved by having feet on the ground, visiting its members, listening to their needs and tailoring an FCR strategy linked to a defined procurement offering. Essentially by providing that “power station to plug” health check it has given the members a real alternative to work with a consultant that is prepared to go the extra mile and “forge” relationships providing members the opportunity to work with an organisation that offers a sophisticated service suite and knowledge base that actually produces tangible results.

More than 30 Yorkshire companies have also signed up to working with is at Control Energy Costs, reaching savings of over £500,000 to date.

It would be fair to say that Control Energy Costs have brought considerable benefit to our members in providing sound advice and delivering tangible savings. As a patron of the Made in Group incorporating Made In the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire they promised to bring their considerable knowledge of the energy market and provide that “extra mile” attitude that we expect of ourselves. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Control Energy Costs as well as the value in our association with them.