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We have come together with the Made In Group to create an Energy Club for all members. The energy club allows members to save on their business energy costs.

Collective buying power

By working together, this creates collective buying power, so that all members of the Energy Club can benefit from cost savings.

The more energy that is being purchased, the more trades we can make, giving us the ability to aim for a lower weighted price

Even if you’re still within contract, we can work with you to explore your options and have the most suitable and cost-effective plan in place for you, ready to go when you need it.

Renewable energy

Through the Energy Club, we can provide you with a wide range of 100% renewable energy contracts, to help you reduce carbon emissions and support your journey to net zero.

Wholesale market access product

The Energy Club gives members the opportunity to be part of the wholesale market access product, by providing you with access to wholesale purchasing as part of a flexible market approach.

As part of the Wholesale Market Access Product volume tolerances are spread across all Club members, giving more stability and security over your individual consumption profile. We are seeing many suppliers impose volume tolerance penalties and being part of the Made In Group Energy Club mitigates this risk.

To find out more and join, download our brochure, get in touch with Nigel Addison-Evans or complete the form below.

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To find out more and join, download our brochure, get in touch with Nigel or complete the form.

Nigel Addison-Evans
Client Relationship Manager - Business Development
07500 027480


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