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Renewable energy procurement

We offer both fixed and flexible renewable energy contracts, as well as Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

Fixed procurement

For organisations that focus on knowing what they will be paying in advance, our fixed price purchasing options will provide the security of known costs for an agreed period.

Flexible procurement

Our flexible purchasing option means you can choose to take advantage of market fluctuations in wholesale pricing. With our service, you can have access to a market once reserved only for the largest organisations removing the elitist element.

Power Purchase Agreements

A PPA is a long-term contractual agreement between an energy buyer and an energy seller for the purchase of renewable energy. There are two types of PPA.

  • Direct: for the physical delivery of electricity to the corporate infrastructure which has significant electricity requirements. It is also known as a physical or sleeved PPA
  • Indirect: where the buyer agrees to purchase power at an agreed price, over a fixed duration, without physical delivery of electricity to the corporate infrastructure.

PPAs are a reliable way for corporates and SMEs to decarbonise energy consumption, by reducing scope 2 emissions, and mitigate against market volatility by locking in pricing.

No greenwashing

Customers need to be aware of ‘greenwashing’, which is when companies sell energy from non-renewable sources while purchasing Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificates to falsely claim a 100% renewable label. Ofgem oversees the REGO scheme and mandates clear transparency for green tariff suppliers.

At Control Energy Costs, we offer authentic, fully renewable energy procurement and complete transparency to ensure your investment supports.

“We have been working with the team at Control Energy Costs for a significant period of time and we wouldn’t go anywhere else for energy advice. The team are trustworthy and professional and quick to respond to our queries. In the current climate we need to be making sure we do as much as we can to reduce ongoing costs and they have succeeded in doing this.”

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