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Carbon offsetting

If you are a business taking the lead to reduce their impact on the planet and have started a journey to becoming carbon neutral, you can take steps to rebalance your emissions from energy contracts using carbon offsetting.

Emissions from past, present or future energy contracts can be offset using this service and certification will run in parallel to make them carbon neutral.

We advocate this as part of a wider agenda to reduce your energy use and using renewables wherever possible, offsetting to rebalancing your emissions as part of that journey.

Our Carbon Offsetting service provides two routes to offsetting:

Route 1

Tree planting in the UK or overseas, which directly benefits the environment plus provides local employment, biodiversity, health improvement and other social benefits.

Route 2

Gold Standard project investment (or ‘buddying’) which allows you to invest in green projects in developing countries (such as clean stoves, wind farms, etc.) and claim a portion of the carbon reduction.

What offsetting standards are followed?

We have a preference for three main standards, through which we can supply you offsets:

  • Gold Standard
  • UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
  • Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

All three standards allow emission-reduction projects in developing countries to earn certified emission reduction credits, each equivalent to one tonne of CO2.

Why do standards matter?

Standards provide assurance that the offsets you purchase are helping to achieve a Net Zero society.

We’re committed to following the Oxford Offsetting Principles which promote a transition towards offsets that remove emissions rather than simply reducing emissions, with a focus on long-term emissions storage.

How are offsets certified?

When offsets are purchased, a registry is updated to allocate them to your business. This registry is publicly accessible and can be used to prove your offsetting actions.

Benefits and added value:

  • Rebalancing your emissions whilst improving lives
  • Offsetting your emissions through a recognised scheme gives you the direct benefit of accelerating your Pathway to Net Zero whilst also indirectly creating a positive impact on local environment, employment and health in the region where the offsets are implemented
  • Delivering early Net Zero achievements will provide your business with a positive environmental story that you can share publicly
Our carbon offsetting service is provided in conjunction with our service partner Energise, a company with whom we have successfully delivered some 200 projects over the past six years.
Help on carbon offsetting

Want to know more?

We would love to help you start your journey to net zero, so if you want to know more please get in touch.