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Save water, save the planet and save money

We are celebrating Water Saving Week, an annual event that has been taking place this week since Monday 23rd May and will continue until Friday 27th May.

The aim of the event is to raise awareness of issues around water use and advocate the importance of water efficiency for our future. The week is orchestrated by the non-profit organisation Waterwise, who allocate a theme for each day of the week.

This year, the focus is on the various ways in which water will impact our future, linking water consumption with energy bills, food and health, to emphasise the vital role of water in our daily lives.

Save water to save money

Saving water today is crucial to safeguarding our future, however, we can also make significant financial savings. With the cost-of-living crisis causing water bills to rise by 1.7% since April, there has never been a better time to take action.

Water is in high demand across our households, businesses and everything in-between. Therefore, making small changes within both domestic and commercial settings can have a dramatic impact on our consumption.

Reducing water usage for businesses

Monitoring your water usage through the use of Automatic Meter Readers (AMRs) can help you identify excess consumption and therefore potential leaks. When we set up clients with AMRs, we provide full access via our client portal to the reporting which will allow you to check your water-efficiency and we will alert you to unusual patterns of consumption.

You can also install water-efficient devices such as urinal controls or waterless urinals, efficient flush toilets, automatic or sensor taps in kitchens and bathrooms. They may seem like costly investments, but the savings often quickly recoup the initial outlay.

It’s also important to choose devices that have eco-settings built in, know where your supply pipes run and where the shut off valves are and protect pipes against cold weather.

Water recycling schemes are also worth considering. Determine where your wasted water is going and if or how you can recycle it in other areas of your business.

Reducing water at home

Saving water at home doesn’t have to be complex. Simple changes such as turning off the tap when you brush your teeth, waiting until you have a full load before using your washing machine and taking a shower instead of a bath can all make a difference.

Installing a water meter is also a great option; studies have shown that most people use 10% less water once they have a meter installed, simply because they are more conscious of what they use.

Save water, save the planet, save money

Water is a finite resource and as such we should all carefully consider what we can do to use less of it and use it more efficiently. We only need to make small changes to futureproof our planet and save money along the way!