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Plastic containers manufacturer

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We initially approached a large and well-respected plastic container manufacturer to provide them with a review of their energy contracts, as they felt they might not be getting the best prices and strategic advice from the incumbent energy broker.

We carefully examined their existing supply contracts and discovered there were cost saving opportunities which we were instructed to explore. After reviewing their energy consumption, we put together a range of options that best suited their usage profile and spent time going over each possibility, explaining the differences between them.

We managed to secure a cheaper contract at renewal that represented a worthwhile annual saving.

Climate Change Agreement

We also investigated the possibility of a Climate Change Agreement. This Government scheme enables some businesses to reduce the Climate Change Levy element of their energy bill and can lead to a significant cost reduction.

We applied for a CCA, were successful, so further reduced their annual spend.

Energy Intensive Industries scheme

Although this manufacturer did not initially qualify for Energy Intensive Industries (EIIs) relief, we conducted regular reviews of usage and expenditure. These eventually showed the criteria being met and our submission was accepted.

This has reduced their Renewable Obligation, Feed in Tariff and Contract for Difference payments by 85%.

Ongoing reporting and analysis

We provide this client with detailed analysis of their energy usage and spend which can be accessed directly via our client portal. This reporting is also a requirement to meet both their CCA and EII obligations, so we can handle the whole process from assessing eligibility, application and ongoing compliance.

We are very pleased with the work Control Energy Costs is doing for us. They have achieved significant cost savings and we are able to pick up the phone and have our questions answered by our dedicated account manager. The team were very proactive checking our eligibility for both the CCA and EII schemes and making successful applications on our behalf.