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This gym company has several sites across London and when a client contact that we had worked with for several years started a new job with them, she suggested the Finance Director allow us to look at the portfolio in terms of their energy use and spend.

About our client

With a number of London based clubs, this company is home to big hitters, heavy lifters, slick dancers, zen masters, first timers, seasoned sadists, movers and rule breakers of every kind. So, whether it’s the most unique classes in the capital, the biggest free weights, cardio and combat areas London has to offer or the sickest beats that you want, anything goe.

Maximum site capacity

When a new site opens, it is given a maximum site capacity by the local distribution network. In London, the distribution network is UK Power Networks. The higher the maximum site capacity, the more you pay as a business because you are demanding more energy from the network.

As a business, you want to ensure you have a high enough maximum site capacity to allow for spikes in usage, which for a gym in London is going to be before work, lunchtime and after work, as well as building in some leeway for installation of new equipment and the January new year resolution rush to get fit.

Analysing maximum demand

This maximum capacity is measured in kVA.

We wanted to ensure that each site had a maximum site capacity that reflected their actual peak usage. We carefully analysed the data and found that reductions could be made across several sites representing a substantial cost saving.

One of our client's sites in Victoria, for example, had a maximum site capacity of 250 kVA and their maximum KVA demand was just 78.8.

Our recommendation was that they reduce this to 120kVA representing a saving of almost £2000.

Significant cost savings identified across the portfolio

Having analysed their entire portfolio, we highlighted potential savings of £6,700 per annum and having accepted our recommendation, they are now enjoying the financial benefit.

"Control Energy Costs are not just energy brokers; they are true energy experts. So, when I joined I was keen to get them on board to look at the portfolio and identify savings opportunities. The savings identified have been significant and it is a pleasure to work with such a professional team."

Chief Financial Officer